A company makes yellow golf balls and white golf balls. The table shows the company’s sales of yellow golf balls for the last 3 years. Estimate the company’s total sales, in dollars, of golf balls in year 4.

Accepted Solution

The estimate for the amount of sales for golf balls in year 4 is $3055510.08.

First I created a scatter plot of the data and ran a linear regression on it.  The screenshots are attached.  

The linear regression equation, the equation of the line of best fit, is

y =  16488x + 189312, where x is the year and y is the number of yellow golf balls.  Using x=4 for 4 years,

y = 16488(4) + 189312 = 255264 yellow golf balls in year 4.

The ratio of yellow to white golf balls is 1:5; setting up a proportion, we have

1/5 = 255264/x

Cross multiplying, we have
1*x = 5*255264
x = 1276320 white golf balls.

This makes 1276320+255264= 1531584 total golf balls.

The balls are sold by the dozen; 1531584/12 = 127632 boxes.

Each box sells for $23.94; 
127632(23.94) = 3055510.08