Graham and Hunter are circus performers. A cable lifts Graham into the air at a constant speed of 1.5 ft/s. When Graham'sarms are 18 ft above the ground, Hunter, who is standing directly underneath Graham, throws Graham a ball as the cablecontinues to lift him higher. Hunter throws the ball from a position 5 ft above the ground with an initial velocity of 24 ft/s. Whichsystem of equations can be used to model this situation?(n-18+1.51In-5+242-167(n-18+1.57In-5+24+167(n-18+1.51[h=5+241(n=18+1.54-167In=5+241- 1672

Accepted Solution

Answer:If Hunter is right beneath Graham ( 18ft-5ft=13ft) and G's arms are 18ft above ground ( and going up, no bending) the question would be at what hight would Graham catch the ball and and how soon.The maximum hight that the ball can reach before falling ( when the vector F - force of throwing the ball to Graham, would be equal in module to gravitational force - considering gravitational velocity of 13ft/s^2