PLEASE HELP The graph of g(x) is transformed from its parent function, f(x). Apply concepts involved in determining the key features of a rational function to determine the domain and range of the function, . A. What is the domain of the function, g(x)?B. What is the range of the function, g(x)?

Accepted Solution

g(x) = 1 / (x+4) is a modification of the "parent function" f(x) = 1/x, whose domain is the set of all real numbers other than x = 0 (cannot divide by zero).Β  Similarly, the range of f(x) is "all real numbers other than y=0."

g(x) has the same graph as does f(x), with the exception that the graph of f(x) has been moved (translated) 4 units to the left.Β  Whereas x could not = 0 before, now x cannot equal -4, because then the denom. of g(x) would be zero.

In this transformation the range remains the same from f(x) to g(x).