What is the first step needed to solve 2/5x-6=-16?

Accepted Solution

Answer:Add 6 to both sides.Step-by-step explanation:You are trying to solve for x in this type of question. In this case, note that there is a equal sign, and that what you do to one side you do to the other. Also note that to isolate the x (your goal), you must do the opposite of PEMDAS. (Note that PEMDAS = Parenthesis, Exponent (& Roots), Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction). So your first step is to add 6 to both sides. 2/5x - 6 (+6) = -16 (+6)Simplify. Solve: 2/5x + (-6 + 6) = -16 + 62/5x = -10_________________________________________________________Finish finding for x. Multiply the recipricol of the fraction to both sides to isolate the x. Multiply 5/2 to both sides: (5/2)(2/5)x = (-10)(5/2)x = (-10)(5/2)x = (-50)/2x = -25x = -25 is your answer.~